This brightly colored 3 in 1 combo has a covering to keep the sunshine out of this 20 X 15 X 13 ft inflatable. Inside the kids will be delighted to see two pop ups and will love racing down these double 10 ft slides! 

This  Nascar inspired inflatable is packed with fun! In the 13 X 13 ft bouncing area, small kids can play basketball as they jump, Older kids can step outside the bouncer and find another basketball goal! Wanna slide- just climb up to the top of the 12 ft slide, and "race" down to the bottom! 


Dual Lane Purple Combo

(wet/dry-LOWER cost if DRY)





This wet/dry 28 ft long Carnival Bouncer-Slide is so bright & pretty! Perfect for a Carnival or a Circus Themed party! The bouncer is 13 X 13 ft, and the dual slides are 14 feet tall- plus there is a bonus tunnel! 

This inflatable makes you feel like you are on a tropical island!​ In the 13 X 13 bouncing area, the kids can play with the basketball hoop, as they jump or knock down the pop ups! Climb the rockwall to the double slide down to the splash pad!


(wet/dry-LOWER cost if DRY)

In two bright and fun color options, our Funhouses are great fun!

Funhouses are perfect for younger kids to get the full experience of bouncing and sliding without the fear of too big of a slide! With two pop ups & a donut hole on the inside; kids are sure to be engaged! Coming in at 15' tall  X 15' wide and about 20' deep (slide end to blowers) these combos are the perfect step up from a moonwalk for the adventurous kid!

Dual Lane Funhouse COMBO

      (DRY only)

  SPEEDWAY COMBO  (wet/dry-LOWER cost if DRY)

This spacious 28 ft-5 in 1 wet/dry combo offers a great bounce house with 2 pop-ups and a basketball goal on the inside of the bouncer, along with 2- 14 ft dual lane slides!  

Big Top Carnival Combo

​            (wet/dry LOWER cost if DRY)