In two bright and engaging color combos, our Funhouses are great for kids 10 years old and under!

Funhouses are perfect for younger kids to get the full experience of bouncing and sliding without the fear of too big of a slide! Coming in at 15' tall 15' wide and about 20' deep (slide end to blowers) this combo is the perfect step up from a moonwalk for the adventurous kid!

 *NEW* to our combinations, is the Dual Lane Kids Combo!

This Combo is 20x15x13' making it great for any yard while still delivering a lot of fun! We recommend children 10 years and younger for this device.

Please click photos below for close up versions. 


Dual Lane Kids Combo!

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​Slide Combos!

In two bright and engaging color combos, our Slide Slide Combos are great for kids 12 years old and under!

Get the best of both worlds with the 15x15' Bouncer with 16' attached slide! This designs in total comes in at 22' Wide x 18' Tall x 18' Deep.