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Our Colorful Side/Slide Combo is the same as the one above. They both provide wet or dry fun for children 12 years old and younger. $1800.00

Items For Sale

The  inflatable Money Grab device is great for business promotions, charitable events, and most special events! A person enters the device and cash or coupons are placed inside the device via a slot. The cash or coupons will circulate wildly due to blowers pushing air into the unit. The goal is for the person to attempt to snatch as many as possible. This inflatable requires 2 blowers. $700.00

The 18 foot Dolphin wetslide is a delight for kids on hot summer days. They climb up on the left side and quickly slide into a large inflatable pool. $1650.00

The giant MegaPlayland is a mammoth inflatable that is wonderful for kids 12 years old and younger. The kids enter in the front and can climb up the stairs to gain entry into a large upper tunnel. Aside from enjoying the tunnel, they can also access either of the two 16 foot slides. There is even a lower tunnel and inflatable pop-ups for them to enjoy. Original cost was $6299.00.....will sale for $3200.00 (includes 2 blowers) or $2750.00 without blowers). An amazing inflatable that would be great for Churches, festivals, and school fall festivals.

​The Ollie Gator Slip and Slide is the foundation of a fun summertime party. Kids and adults alike will love charging full blast at the device and attempting to reach the end! A soaker hose rains on the slide pad ...slippery and refreshing. $1500.00 PLUS TAX

The Junior Obstacle Course is 28 feet of fun for kids 10 years old and younger. The competition begins when 2 kids at a time race each other through the course. They then run to the back of the line and the next 2 children race. This unit is great for backyard entertainment. $1250.00

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  • The Crayola Combo is a bounce house with a basketball hoop and stairs located on the right side. Climb up the stairs to enjoy the slide. This is a Dry Only device...great for Churches and Day Cares. $1600.00

The 18 feet long Bubble Slide is a slip and slide for kids 6 years old and younger. Simply spray the device with a hose and add baby shampoo to the surface. This lubricates the unit for easier sliding and thrills the kids with the mountains of bubbles created! $600.00

The Lime Side/Slide Combo consists of a bounce house with a slide attached. Kids enter the bounce house, bounce for a while, then climb the built in stairs and slide to the bottom. When used as a wet device, a pool couples to the end. $1800.00