34' Slip-N-Dip

Our 18' Wet and 18' Dry Slides are the most versatile slides on the market. Choose bright colors for Wet or Dry for any kind of party. Great for boys and girls! Recommended for ages 12 and under, 18' Wet Slides are best for kid's parties.

You can even customize your event with one of our specialty 18' Slides; like our Circus, Pirate or Curvy Slide for extra fun! 

Inflatable Slip-N-Slides are great for parties for all ages!

Our Ollie Gator Alley lets you slip and slide for over 25' before splashing in to our safety bumper!

 Our 34' Slip-N-Dip features a pool at the end to get all the fun of slipping and sliding with the joy of a big SPLASH! at the end!

The 16 foot tall Dolphin waterslide is great for children 10 years old and younger. The pool at the bottom of the slide is amazingly refreshing on a hot summer day.

Ollie Gator Alley Slip-N-Slide

24' Dual Lane Dry Slide

18' Curvy Wet/Dry Slide

18' Circus Wet/Dry Slide

18' Dry Slide

The Tallest Slides we have to offer, our 24' Dual Lane Super Slides are DOUBLE the fun! Race down two at a time on either side of this mammoth inflatable slide for hours of endless fun for all ages. Perfect for parties where adults want to have just as much as the kids!


The Side/Slide Combos are great for kids 12 years old and younger. When we attach the pool to the end of the slide, fun will certainly occur!

If 18' is too intimidating for your little one, we offer our 16' Wet/Dry Slide which is perfect for children 10 and under to have just as much fun!

18' Wet/Dry Slide

18' Pirate Wet/Dry Slide


16' Wet/Dry Slide

Brave children and fun loving teen-agers and adults must experience the 21 feet tall Red Marble Tsunami !  This is our next to tallest waterslide that can also be used as a dry device.

24' Dual Lane Wet Slide

The 18 foot Sunshine Slip And Slide is the perfect summertime water device for the little ones...ages 3 to 7 years old.