21 ft "Fire" Tsunami (UPCHARGE if used WET)

18' Standard Dry Slide

(UPCHARGE if used WET)

Our BRAND NEW  18 foot Sunshine Slip And Slide is the perfect summertime water device for the little ones...ages up to 10 years old!

The Tallest Slides we have to offer, our 24' Dual Lane Super Slides are DOUBLE the fun! Race down two at a time on either side of these mammoth inflatable slides for hours of endless fun for all ages. Perfect for parties where adults want to have just as much fun as the kids!


18' Pirate Slide(3-D)

(UPCHARGE if used wet)

Inflatable Slip-N- Slides are extremely versatile! Younger kids will enjoy climbing on top and will have fun running across while water is misting down on them. Older kids, including teens- and up to adults can step back, make a run for it and slide on their stomach until they reach the end, which for the Slip-N-Dip you will land in a pool of water. These are great for adventurous people of all ages!

24' Dual Lane Dry Slide                  

21 ft "Ice"  Tsunami 

    (UPCHARGE if used WET)


16' Standard Dry  Slide

​(UPCHARGE if used WET)

​If 18' is too intimidating for your little one, we offer  our 16' Slide which is perfect for children 3 years to 10 years!

Brave children and fun loving teen-agers and adults must experience our BRAND NEW 21 feet tall Blue Marble "Ice" Tsunami and our Red Marble "Fire" Tsunami!  Try these for yourself to see why we call them "screamers"!

​​​18' Circus Slide(3D)

(UPCHARGE if used WET)

24' Dual Lane Dip Slide         (UPCHARGE if used WET)

Sunshine Slip-N- Slide

 Slip-N-Dip Slide

Our 18' Wet / Dry Slides are a great VALUE! When used wet, kids will enjoy landing on the splash pad at the bottom- the perfect amount of water for summertime fun!

You can even customize your event with one of our specialty 18' Slides; like our Circus or Pirate Slide for extra fun!  These are perfect for 13 years & under.