(12) By signing your name, you are AGREEING that your inflatable, time, and other information is correct.You are AGREEING  to contact us within 24 hours to make  a 50% down payment. Please be aware that without this down payment, nothing is held for you. You may reach us at 478-328-1234! NO PRICES ARE GUARANTEED until MGMT confirms all info is correct.



(7) If you want to switch to a different category, click ALL CATEGORIES on top left

(9) With this new site, we have five new discounts choices available! One discount can be used per customer- please fill in the APPLY COUPON -top right. Either click on CONTINUE SHOPPING (left) or PROCEED TO CHECKOUT (right). Note, if you decide to REMOVE an item (left); then you will need to click on the BNP logo (top) to get back to categories

(3) Click on EVENT TIME- it opens up to time options. You will need to put in the time you want your inflatable READY TO BE USED. (BNP will arrive BEFORE this time in order to have it ready NO LATER than the time you will want to use it. 

(6) Click on SUBMIT - it will open a page of different inflatable categories to choose from, click on the category you are interested in, and the price BEFORE DELIVERY FEE / BEFORE DISCOUNTS/ BEFORE OPTIONS will be shown- please be advised that making your time shorter will DECREASE your cost- at any time that you don't see a category option, you can click on the BNP LOGO (please note that WET items will need to be changed to DRY to save money!

(5) Click on EVENT ADDRESS. Make sure that you fill out each box with the EXACT ADDRESS of where we will be delivering your inflatable. In order to give you the correct pricing, please make sure that you have the right street ADDRESS and ZIP CODE


(4) To the right of EVENT TIME is the EARLIEST TIME we can arrive to pick it up. The system will automatically put in 4 hours; but you may make that time SHORTER or LONGER. If after dark, BNP may not pick up unless we need it the next day. Please ADVISE us when we speak if it is at a location that MUST be picked up same day.

(1) Click SPECIFY EVENT DATE - top right (next page)

(11) Fill in the next section completely. For EVENT NAME, you can put in Birthday/Child's name & age School, Family Reunion, Corporate etc. Fill out the SURFACE TYPE to the best of your ability. Click CONTINUE on bottom right


(2) Click on EVENT DATE- and click on calendar date. If want guaranteed overnight, then put in multiple days.

1st time users, PLEASE READ THIS EASY STEP BY STEP ORDERING: (or just click below)

(10) Fill in the required information completely. If you have used this site before , click LOGIN-top right. Please put your home address, not the delivery address. Please look to the right and make sure that all information is correct

(8) Click on the inflatable that you like, and fill in the surface info. Some items may have a special NOTE written under the picture- click ADD TO CART at bottom